Quality is based on values.

And values are revealed in actions.

A business is more than just a producer.

When a business is founded on craftsmanship, there are naturally consequences for everything it does. Feasibility was the most important criterion for the joy in experimentation with which our founders went to work. They started with the process of using lithography to print decals, which became highly successful products due to their versatility. Constantly reinventing our craft is still the main motivation for our work today. It is the foundation for our long-term commercial activities.

We get involved.

We are aware that our activity affects not only us and our customers, but that we also have an impact on society at large. We want to ensure that — in everything we do — we do not lose sight of our counterparts and their needs. That naturally affects our day-to-day activities. Quality is therefore primarily an aspect of sustainability for us.

From company history to corporate philosophy.

We are a part of our market and are therefore oriented toward customers, quality, and innovation. We love developing new products and being the pioneers of new fields. We see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers. We achieve this through reliably high-quality craftsmanship, the highest technological standards, and innovative competence. And as a family business, we put sustainability above short-term profits.

Doing it the way we’ve always done it – with good reason.

We have a few guiding principles for our work. We call them values. The fact that we stick to them reliably and unwaveringly – and are happy to do so – means that they give rise to rules for our work and our interactions with our customers and with each other. This has shaped the corporate culture that we all strive to improve all the time.

These values are important to us:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Employee welfare
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork

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