PVC-free adhesive signs


High-performance and environmentally friendly

These self-adhesive polyester signs are made from a thin but robust PVC-free plastic foil. They are fitted with a universally usable acrylic adhesive and have excellent adhesive properties. Their special sealing also gives them much greater surface protection and a significantly longer service life than conventional signs. Our product range of PVC-free adhesive signs includes stripcal®-PW for coloured designs and stripcal®-PC for coloured designs on transparent base materials. Only environmentally friendly paints free from heavy metals are used in processing.

PVC-free adhesive signs are ideally suited to outdoor areas: they are weatherproof, non-fading and non-shrinking. Accordingly, their applications range from machine labels and warning signs to labels for sports equipment, gardening tools and device markings. In particular, however, stripcal®-PW/PC is a suitable alternative in cases of tough environmental criteria.

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